Tess Gerritsen: Body Double (used)

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Модель: Body Double
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Body Double is a 2004 novel written by Tess Gerritsen, the fourth book of the Maura Isles/Jane Rizzoli series. Returning to Boston from a business trip in Paris, Maura Isles encounters delays at Charles de Gaulle Airport, and finds upon landing in Boston that the airline has lost her luggage. When she finally makes it home, she finds her house taped off as a crime scene—and is surprised to see Jane Rizzoli (now about 8-months-pregnant) and Rizzoli's partner Barry Frost there. Rizzoli does a double-take on seeing Maura, and directs her attention to a white Ford Taurus in her driveway. There, Maura finds the body of a woman who looks identical to her—and also shares the same birthday.

ISBN 0-553-81503-2
Язык на английском
Надпись Латиница
Количество страниц 463
Издательство Бошқа нашриётлар
Тип обложки Мягкая
Формат бумаги А6
Год издания 2005
Книги, продукты, мировая литература, узбекская литература, бизнес и психология, на русском языке, современная узбекская литература, детская литература, религиозная литература, наука и учебники, для абитуриентов, лучшие книги, топ-100 бестселлеров, художественная литература (биографическая литература), биография , на английском языке много другое. Быстрая доставка в Узбекистан
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