James Patterson: The Chef (used)

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Описание товара

The Chef is a stand-alone thriller novel by James Patterson and Max DiLallo. Caleb Rooney is a major crimes detective with the New Orleans Police Department. On the side he and his ex-wife run a well known and highly acclaimed food truck, named Killer Chef. Rooney has just been raked over the coals for an incident in which he fired his weapon and killed a known gang member. He quits the police department in disgust, devoting all his time to his food sideline. Rooney cannot escape his past with the police by leaving the department, however. He is hounded by those who were members of the gang of the man he had killed. Rooney stumbled upon a possible terror plot to take place during Mardi Gras. He has stepped on toes of others in the culinary industry in town. And his independent investigation of the terror plot has gotten him into difficulties with the local FBI leader, who is also investigating it.

ISBN 978-1-787-46315-8
Язык на английском
Надпись Латиница
Количество страниц 374
Издательство Бошқа нашриётлар
Тип обложки Мягкая
Формат бумаги A5
Год издания 2019
Книги, продукты, мировая литература, узбекская литература, бизнес и психология, на русском языке, современная узбекская литература, детская литература, религиозная литература, наука и учебники, для абитуриентов, лучшие книги, топ-100 бестселлеров, художественная литература (биографическая литература), биография , на английском языке много другое. Быстрая доставка в Узбекистан
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