Catherine Cookson: Bill Bailey's daughter (used)

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Модель: Bill Bailey's daughter
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Описание товара

In this, the third novel of a trilogy, the atmosphere in the Bailey household was alive with anticipation. It was not only because Christmas was approaching, or even that Bill Bailey was tackling the biggest project of his career. No, all the excitement was because in two weeks’ time, Fiona Bailey would give birth to a baby, the first arrival since Bill had married Fiona as a young widow, already mother of Mark, Katie and Willie, and with the adopted Mamie now part of the family circle.

But however much they looked forward to the event, there was the niggling concern of emotional adjustments to be made and how this new arrival would stretch the established relationships that had been so carefully nurtured. Suppose something went wrong? The Baileys were to learn about such considerations in the time ahead, and their experiences make this novel a most fascinating study of human relationships.

ISBN 0-552-13301-9
Язык на английском
Надпись Латиница
Количество страниц 261
Издательство Бошқа нашриётлар
Тип обложки Мягкая
Формат бумаги А6
Год издания 1989
Книги, продукты, мировая литература, узбекская литература, бизнес и психология, на русском языке, современная узбекская литература, детская литература, религиозная литература, наука и учебники, для абитуриентов, лучшие книги, топ-100 бестселлеров, художественная литература (биографическая литература), биография , на английском языке много другое. Быстрая доставка в Узбекистан
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