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Robert Muchamore: Man vs Beast (used)

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Man vs Beast

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Описание товара

The sixth title in the number one bestselilng CHERUB series! James has to infiltrate a group of animal rights activists ...

Every day thousands of animals die in laboratory experiments. Some say these experiments provide essential scientific knowledge, while others will do anything to prevent them.

James and Lauren Adams are stuck in the middle.

They're CHERUB agents. Trained professionals with one essential advantage: adults never suspect that children are spying on them.

ISBN 978-0-340-91169-3
Язык на английском
Надпись Латиница
Количество страниц 314
Издательство Бошқа нашриётлар
Тип обложки Мягкая
Формат бумаги A5
Год издания 2014
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